Uncovered: The History Of The American Flag

Uncovered: The History Of The American Flag

For hundreds of years, the American Flag Cape flag has been an emblem of freedom and delight in the United States. Ever since 911, they have develop into fixtures on many more houses and buildings throughout the country. It was as if our flag was letting us know that we're still one people and will remain standing robust towards the enemy. Seeing our cherished flag blow in the breeze, gave a sense of comfort to so many after that horrible tragedy, because it nonetheless does today.

In case you are an American, you surely know the story of how Betsy Ross sewed the original stripes and thirteen stars back in 1776, though nobody really knows for positive who designed it. Some speculate that it was Betsy Ross herself who drew up a pencil sketch on the request of George Washington. However, most historians imagine it was a New Jersey congressman named Francis Hopkinson, and that even though Betsy Ross was the seamstress who did sew the first flag, she was mistakenly given the credit for designing it also. Additional, they don't even assume George Washington was present when the request for the flag was made to Mrs. Ross.

In accordance with records of correspondence that transpired between Mr. Hopkinson and the Board of Admiralty in 1780, it was written that he had certainly designed the flag while serving with the Continental Navy Board. And he was hoping to be compensated for his contribution and efforts. After numerous back and forth between Francis Hopkinson and lots of departments of the Congress throughout that point, he never did find yourself being compensated, however they also by no means denied that he was the actual designer either.

Apparently, the unique flag's stars were not designed to be in a circle either. That was executed by a painter named Charles H. Weisgerber who recreated the scene of the meeting with Betsy Ross on canvas. For many, many years, the celebrities on the flag actually showed up in all totally different sorts sizes and formations as it was left as much as the flag maker's discretion to place them as they wished. But Francis Hopkinson's unique design had the stars drawn in a staggered position just as they are on our present day flag. It wasn't till the Executive Order on June 24, 1912 that the precedent was set for a constant formation of the celebrities on the United States flag.

At this point in time, the information about who designed it aren't really as necessary as the fact that the American flag continues to proudly wave, representing liberty and justice, for all!